As a volunteer at a Bethel Park Next Generation event, it is important and expected that you participate and cooperate with the program and activities as laid out by the camp director and lead team. During the event, you will have many opportunities to share, listen, pray, and hang out with young people. Please begin to pray for these opportunities now; they can help change a person’s life.

policy and procedures manual

All staff and potential staff must read the staff policy and procedures manual.

You can find the manual here.

It is recommended that you read this before applying. At the end of the staff application form (below), you must agree to reading this manual and taking any and all necessary action.

Submission of a volunteer application form does not imply automatic acceptance. All forms will be thoroughly read and staff will be vetted to ensure a smooth and safe environment for our campers. Please await a reply via email regarding your acceptance as a volunteer staff.


Please complete the form below

Name: *
Birth Date: *
Birth Date:
Address: *
I fully agree, believe, and abide by the statement of fundamental beliefs of the PAOC *
The PAOC statement of fundamental beliefs can be accessed here https://paoc.org/family/what-we-believe
I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and know that my salvation is real, and can explain to another person how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ *
I have been baptized in water *
I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit according to Act 2:4 *
"And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability." (Acts 2:4 NLT)
I attend church regularly (80% of the time or more) *
Returning Volunteers
If you submitted a volunteer form (and were accepted as a staff volunteer) for Youth Camp 2018, you can answer this section of questions with "I AM RETURNING."
All volunteers (returning and new) must answer this section.
You will... *
It is MANDATORY that you have a staff T-shirt.
You may purchase this year's theme shirt if you choose. Please Click on the REGISTER tab at the top of the page (open a new window first or you'll lose this form!) to see the two T-shirt options. Please email youthcamp@bethelpark.ca for information on how to pay. Please do this ASAP as you may lose your chance to buy!
Statement of Agreement *
I will support the leadership of BP Next Gen by... - resisting to allow criticism of leadership - speaking positively about leadership directives - being supportive of all camp activities - being willing to adapt to any schedule changes that need to be made - approaching the leadership when a conflict occurs I will treat being a counsellor at BP Next Gen as a ministry by... - being an appropriate spiritual example at all times - focusing on the camper over social activities with peers - continuously praying for leadership, fellow counsellors and all campers - complying with the modest dress code - making sure personal relationships do not take priority over my responsibilities to the campers and the leadership team
Read the following carefully. *
At the top of this page there is a link to our new Staff Policy and Procedure Manual. It is a 28 page document that MUST be read by all staff before the start of camp. We understand that this is a long read, however it is important and mandatory for this to be read as it exists for the safety of our campers and to protect you, our staff. Appendix B, on page 22, has a declaration that you need to print, sign, and submit by July 31. These can be submitted by hand to Simon Weresch, Jordan Kimmerle, Jahvon Baccas, or Kira Fifield. Alternatively, they can be mailed to: Warden Full Gospel Assembly Attn: Kira Fifield 2210 Warden Avenue Scarborough, ON M1T 1V6 Additionally, as a volunteer working with children and/or youth under the age of 18, you must do a vulnerable sector check with the police department of the city/town/region that you live. Many jurisdictions will do Volunteer Vulnerable Sector Checks for free, however some jurisdictions have a cost. (Please note that volunteer vulnerable sector checks are cheaper than job vulnerable sector checks. This is the one you should do.) You must take action to do this ASAP, as some jurisdictions take up to (and sometimes more than) 5 weeks to get this done. (IF YOUR JURISDICTION REQUIRES A FEE, PLEASE KEEP YOUR RECEIPT TO BE SUBMITTED TO BPNG ADMIN FOR REIMBURSEMENT.)
I understand that I must open and read the Staff Policy and Procedure Manual in its entirety, and that I must submit the Volunteer Declaration (Appendix B) by July 31, 2019. *
Upon acceptance as a volunteer staff, I understand that I must, and agree that I will, take action as soon as possible to get my Volunteer Vulnerable Sector Check done and that failure to do so will result in a loss in my eligibility to be a BPNG staff for Youth Camp 2019. *